Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Our Propel Program is a short term program that will put your business directly on a path of profits and successes, a path that will literally propel your business to not the next level, but to levels beyond

Most business owners know there are areas they want to grow, be better at, and make more money from as a result.  Mostly always, their common challenges include lack of time   or resources to make these things happen.  Consequently, nothing gets started. The truth 
is that the things that mean the most to your business should receive the most attention. Propel was created to help!

Propel is a solution designed with the super busy business owner in mind that wants to take their business to the next levels.  It is a short term program where you and our team become one team and work together.  If you can identify with wanting to initiate a plan that would launch your revenues and profits, but just haven't been able to bite the bullet to start, our Propel Program is perfect for you.  We will make sure you not only start, but we'll get you to the finish line, where you ultimately want to be!

Here’s how it works:

  1. After an initial meeting with you, our team will help identify some critical areas where you want and need to grow and improve… and make more money from as a result

  2. An effective road map will be presented to you that will nail each of your wish items, one that will be simple to navigate through and implement

  3. You will be assigned your own team member that will serve multiple purposes for you including:
    a. your facilitator
    b. your cheerleader
    c. your navigator
    d. your support
    e. your coordinator

  4. Your Propel Program can last anywhere from four weeks to twenty four weeks.  Each program is unique and customized for the business it is serving.  No cookie cutter program, as every business is already doing some things really well, so don’t need to focus on those.

  5. Propel is designed to provide you with tools, an education, and with confidence to operate your business in an environment where you are receiving a new level of customers, revenues, profits, and successes. It’s way more fun than boot camp! The new environment you will create will exist in the next level and beyond.


Have questions?  763-745-1188

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