Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Customer Reviews are the most influential ways your potential customers gain the trust levels they need                                                            
The need to trust a company is an innate and human requirement in order to take an action like hiring, referring, or maybe just extending consideration.  TRUST is the primary separator between a consumer and their hiring decisions, actually 97% of the time.  When a business truly understands this, there are a number of steps they can easily take to help facilitate the needed TRUST that will guide their potential customers in their direction.

Customer Reviews are the most influential ways your potential customers gain the trust levels they need. 

The Service Guide offers customized Review Service Options:       
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Consider these Customer Review facts:

  • Over 97% of consumers will research for the right service provider

  • 90% of consumers will research referrals they receive before they will contact them

  • Consumers are trained to search for Reviews

  • Reviews have been part of our online conversations since 1995 (23 years!)

  • Consumers will look for ratings and reviews until they find an average of 12 different reviews to evaluate

  • Consumers expect to find reviews quickly and with ease

  • During their research, consumers dislike discovering the same reviews over different review sites

  • Over 70% of consumers have their minds made up about a company before they ever speak to anyone there

  • 80% of consumers will scrutinize a company’s website to help determine whether they are consideration-worthy

  • Customer Reviews create a 74% increase in conversion

  • Customer Reviews provide a business with a historical and documented history of their reputation, something that not only benefits a business in the immediate time frame; it helps position them in the future making their sale ability much stronger and desirable

When customers are able to establish a confidence and trust level in a business early on in their due diligence process, they become a much higher quality customer because they:

  • Will hire you faster

  • Will cost you less to acquire

  • In many cases, will be willing to pay you higher prices because they will hire you based on trust versus price

  • Will likely be easier to work with

  • Will be quicker to refer you to others


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