Friday, November 16, 2018
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Local Minneapolis / St. Paul consumers use The Service Guide to help determine which local companies are reputable and which ones are not.  Founder and long-time resident of the west metro, Diana Herzan, created The Service Guide in January 2004.   Over a decade and more than 500 service categories later, The Service Guide has become the #1 trusted resource utilized by Twin Cities consumers and businesses to find reliable help metro wide.      TAKE A TOUR

The Service Guide is easy to use!   We start with you at the beginning…
We understand the important research process you will conduct prior to considering or contacting a business whose services or expertise you may need.  The Service Guide makes that research process for you easy, providing you with information:
   · To help you validate a business’s quality (or not)
   · To help you relate apples to apples services and companies in one place
   · You can access quickly, easily anytime
   · That is verified and credible so the decisions you make as a result are smart
As a member of The Service Guide, you have access to both online information about local businesses and offline help through our friendly staffed phone center.
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Information on The Service Guide starts and ends with integrity
When you use The Service Guide, you benefit from steps we have already taken to collect and verify license and insurance information on local companies. These steps are taken to help you narrow down businesses that best suit you and your needs.  We also know that over 94% of consumers search hard for Rating and Review information and plan to rely on what they discover to make impactful decisions to their lives and their finances.  To that regard, The Service Guide takes great efforts to ensure our members that every Review we post has been verified first and confirmed a "real" customer.   We´re quite proud of being able to make this claim, as not very many companies actually can!  To us, this verification piece is super important, and one of the "stand-out" features of our service.  Learn more about our verification process
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Rewind a little history…
Since January, 2004, Home Improvement services have been a strong focus for The Service Guide.  In the beginning, businesses needed to meet a set of quality criteria that were verified in order to be part of the service.  In 2008, as Customer Reviews began to gain prominence online, a Customer Rating and Reviews feature was added to The Service Guide to help provide an additional layer of feedback and quality validation to the users and members of our service.  Since the beginning, we have stayed true to our original mission of congregating "cream of the crop" local service providers so that when you turn to us for service professional recommendations, we can only refer you to the best!
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Savings, savings, savings….
On top of reliability and peace of mind, one of the greatest values our members enjoy comes from the savings they get exclusively as members.  Our members can rack up savings to the tune of hundreds of dollars and more with special coupons they receive in their inboxes and on their phones.  
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Yup, we’ve got real people to talk to…
For the simple reason that sometimes you just need to speak to a real person, our phone center is staffed with friendly, local, knowledgeable specialists, M-F, ready to answer your questions and to help with local business recommendations.  Our friendly staff is reachable online, as well.
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What if you are considering a business that is not listed with us, or want to know about a company whose vehicle you saw on the road?
That shouldn’t stop you!  Our job for our members is to help you find information about any business you may be considering. Because there are literally thousands of local businesses, we likely will not have every single one of them listed with us. We still want to help. We have a quick check process we will teach you. The process helps you discover information that may be useful to you in determining whether you connect with a particular business or not.
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Your experience is important to us!
It is important to us that you feel comfortable using our service and instilling your trust in us!  We encourage you to utilize our service online and / or through our phone center.  It is our goal to make sure you receive whatever help and information you need so that when you need help from a reputable company, you can achieve the highest comfort levels in whatever hiring decisions you need to make.
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