Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Be In The Limelight

We have taken our consumer column to the next level and are taking you with us!  From 2010 to 2016, our CEO, Diana Herzan, wrote a Consumer Column for the former  One of the most popular segments of the column was the interviews she did with local businesses. 

People want to buy from people, so the column facilitated opportunities for customers to learn more about the “who” from local businesses that would be servicing them.  The humanizing factor that the interviews offered helped address an important element needed by consumers to establish comfort levels strong enough to extend their consideration and to make hiring decisions.

Limelight was created in the same spirit as the online interviews, but is able to create a deeper, special and more focused interview scenario with an added audio piece.  We like to put local businesses in the limelight that earn special accolades from great things they do and from awesome servicing they provide! 

Limelight connects consumers to relevant local businesses by helping them get to know more about the people of the companies!  Your recorded interview and written transcript are searchable online and will help deliver stronger validation of your company and your quality as consumers are searching for solutions you can provide.

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