Friday, November 16, 2018
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One of the reasons I do what I do is for the joys I receive when I am able to positively affect other entrepreneurs or even business owners who have been around for a long time!  I spend a good deal of time during each month talking with businesses answering questions, soothing worries, and giving away lots of great free tips! 

The topics we cover range from everything marketing to pains and gains of small business, and anything remotely related!  Almost fourteen years later and over 3500 businesses, I still haven't heard it all!  A portion of my time each month is blocked off for having these kinds of conversations with business owners.  If you've got questions, you can book some time with me during my blocked off time.  I am excited to hear from you!  

It’s easy to book a time slot, but I would encourage you to book something sooner than later, as the available time slots book up.

  • Simply click on the green button above
  • Click on the option, "What are you interested in?"
  • Select from the list of topics you see, or choose to bring up your own
  • Click on your selection and choose a date and time from the open slots you see. 

I am happy to be of help any way I can. 

Diana Herzan



Some of the commonly discussed topics you will see as options include:

Generating Higher Quality Leads
To generate higher quality leads, businesses need to understand a three-step process.  Discover this process and how to apply it to your business.

Converting More Customers More Often
Converting more customers more often is entirely possible just by changing a few small things that you are likely not routinely doing.  Find out more about these so you can start adding them to your daily work days.

Increasing Profits and Successes
Isn't this why you are in business?  To increase your profits and successes, make sure you are incorporating a primary element within your team and company to ensure optimum profits and successes are a regular occurrence in your business.  Learn more about this and how to make it work for you.

How To Get More "Good" Traffic To Your Website
Wish you had more traffic on your website?  Wish more of your visitors would engage with you?  Fuel yourself with steps you can take to improve both of these for your business.

How To Get More People To Fill Out Your Contact Forms On Your Website
When visitors to your website complete your Contact Forms, it typically translates to "You've Got A Lead!"  Find out how to make this happen more often and with more ease!

Bring Up Your Own Questions, Concerns
Pick my brain!  Bring up your own questions, how-to's and why's or where's!  Get it all off your chest!

Sponge Session
Discover your business's Trust-Factor IQ.  This number reveals the way customers currently perceive your knowledge in your industry, your experience and your company's character and reputation.  All these things (and a few others!) wrapped together are what turns customers in your direction or away from you.  Find out how you can strengthen your Trust-Factor IQ and simple ways you can turn your company's reputation into a Profit and Success Center.

Landing Pages
By now, the term "Landing Pages" has probably made its way into your dialogue with someone, even if you came across it online.  Learn what these are, how they help you, where they can go, and how to create them.

Being "Found" Online Isn't What Will Move Customers In Your Direction - It Is "What Is Found" That Will
Many SEO advisors will tell you that you need to be found on Google and other search engines to get leads.  Their directives of the past, in some cases, are not helping businesses achieve this goal anymore.  Find out WHAT needs to be found in order for leads and customers to take action with you the ways you want them to.

The Truths About Using Email For Your Business
One truth about emails is that many businesses defer utilizinig this for lack of time or uncertainty as to how to make it work.  Ditch those reasons and take 15 minutes to listen to ways other businesses use email and what they see in return.  See whose business you relate to and decide if and where email makes more sense for your business.

Yes, Content Is King! Why Does Content Wear The Crown?
Think of it in these simple terms.  We are fortunate as consumers today as the Internet provides so many opportunities for us to learn.  In the same breath, that same Internet provides incredible opportunities for businesses to educate.  Using this as a starting point, learn what Content has value, where Content fits into your business, how it is created, where it is discovered, and why it reigns as the King!

This Business Asset Will Turn Things Into Money For You More Than Any Of Your Other Assets
If you owned an Ice Cream franchise and were told that chocolate ice cream was by far the best selling flavor, wouldn't you make sure you always had chocolate on hand for your customers? There is another best seller every business needs to have on hand, and probably already has in abundance, but unfortunately (and unknowingly!) is keeping it a secret.  Find out what this best seller is and how it translates to money.

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