Friday, November 16, 2018
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  Converting more customers more often is entirely possible just by
  changing a few small things that you are likely not routinely doing.  We
  will give you a hint at what we are not talking about.  We are not
  referring to training your sales people on how to become better closers. 
  We are not advocating for discounting or mass couponing.  We are not even suggesting that you necessarily pay more for advertising. 

Converting more customers more often only happens by first realizing what it is that customers really need from you.  We will get right to the point.  For 96% of consumers in need of specific services, they first conduct a research process before they will ever contact you or any other business.  These customers are seeking three things in this order:

  1. An education - answers to questions they may have; feeling better informed about products, processes, expectations

  2. Proof of quality from every business they may decide is consideration -worthy

  3. An overall positive experience - this includes every touch point with a given customer

The easier and faster a consumer considering your services can check in on these three needs, the faster they will take action in your direction. 

Converting more customers more often comes much more easily after a business understands the true correlation between consumers and these three things.  When truly understood, the impacts a business can make to both their customers and on themselves are transforming.

You can start by doing some simple and basic things yourself to help facilitate delivering on these three primary consumer needs that will pay you dividends many times over.  We can help make it easy to set this in motion.  Simply begin by allowing us to help you re-focus the lenses you look through. This attentive and mindful vision will assist you in seeing things the way your customers do, and will help you realize how simple it has been all along to convert more customers more often for your business.

Keep things simple.  Take us up on our offer for a free, no obligation consultative phone call where we will share with you a valuable list of ways you can help facilitate strong and fast conversion building techniques that are proven to help you convert more customers more often.

Decide you are done accepting status quo conversion rates. Take the first steps to learn more about how you can easily begin converting more customers more often.  Get some great tools you can start implementing by yourself without having to spend a dime!

What else would you like to do?




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