Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Continued from Consumer Beware

What recourse or resources does a homeowner have once things with their contractor have gone sour?
As consumers we can end up in any number of unexpected situations. Depending on the circumstances, there could be certain recourse you can take, or resources you can access to help you through these times.  One of them is us.  The Service Guide is here to be of help to you before, during, and after any problems arise for you as it relates to your home improvements, home maintenance or upgrades to your home. 
A little bit about how we can help:
We view ourselves as a consumer resource for you.  Our job is to provide you with assistance and information that help you locate and hire service professionals, and complete projects as smoothly as possible.  We also help you steer your way through conflicts or problems you may have with contractors or companies you have already engaged in a relationship with.  Something you might not know about our service….  Part of the service we provide includes taking calls from consumers.  We typically receive four types of calls:
  1. From homeowners and contractors inquiring about our services
  2. From homeowners requesting contractor recommendations for specific projects or repairs

  3. From homeowners requesting help checking into contractors / companies that are a part of our service as well as companies that are not part of our service

  4. From homeowners already in trouble with contractors they have hired

These calls are all from our members.  For a small and well worthwhile investment (either $18.00 for 6 months or $24.00 for one year), our members have access not only to our call center advisors, but other information they can always access themselves on our website about every company listed.  This includes detailed company profile information, as well as Customer Ratings and Reviews.  All good information to help them make more informed hiring decisions that ultimately produce more positive service experiences, as they should.

We invite and encourage you to be any one of these four types of callers to our company.  We hope, for your sake, that you are numbers 1, 2, or 3, but if you are number 4, we will absolutely do our best to guide you through whatever unfortunate circumstance you are stuck in. 
Need help? Have questions? Let us help. 

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