Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Better Leads For You

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For help creating effective Lead Magnets for your business, contact Diana Herzan, The Service Guide          763-745-1188

Lead Magnets serve a variety of purposes, the primary one being capturing stronger interest from visitors online, enough to spur engagement with you.  When this happens, there should be a mutual benefit for you both.  Your new "lead" should receive something of value from you.  And, you should receive an email, and maybe even a name in exchange; ideally, someone to nurture along through your sales funnel.

A couple examples of Lead Magnets:

I like to create Thank You pages for everything visitors on my website can do to engage with my company. When someone completes our Contact Form, they automatically receive one of these Thank You pages once they have clicked "Send."  Included in most of my Thank You pages are all sorts of Lead Magnets, depending on what kind of Contact Form has been completed. 

As you can see in the examples below, I provide a simple give-away; something hopefully, that will be of value to my recipients. Value is important.  Lead Magnets that don’t generate value will typically stifle the momentum of that lead.  Think of each engagement with you as equivalent to a little push down your sales funnel.


                        (You can try this!  If you would like these Do's and Don'ts, go ahead and try it out!)

Throughout my website there are numerous links to various tips and tricks towards business building and of course, trust building.  Some are just easy links straight to the information people are expecting. Some, when clicked on, will produce a quick, short form to fill out in order to get the information they want.  I only ask for name and email address. That’s all I need at this point. Those folks that really want the information will trade me for this information. They get the value in that exchange.  Duplicating this process on your website for tips and tricks relevant to your services is easy to do.  When you do, you will be able to generate higher quality leads that will have a stronger interest level in what you can do for them.

If you are ready to explore the opportunities awaiting you by putting this powerful tool to work for you, we encourage you to contact us today.  We can either guide you and send you on your way to producing these valuable lead magnets on your own; or we can help by producing them for you.  Begin with a complimentary phone conversation with us to get you started!


Have questions?  763-745-1188

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