Monday, June 18, 2018
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Radon can enter a home through various cracks in floors, walls, etc. where we are not aware it ever entered. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking. It is recommended to test your home to discover if you have unsafe levels of radon in your home. Radon testing is not complicated. A simple test can be performed that will give you the information you need.   

If Your Computer Crashes….. Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

Computers can be complicated and unpredictable. They can crash unexpectedly or become infected by computer viruses. If you own and use a computer, you should have some sort of a back up plan. It is smart to proactively align yourself and your business with either do-it-yourself preventions, and / or specialists for the issues that can go beyond your own expertise. is all about Teen Driving Safety
Teen driving safety is why this website exists. A total must-see website for both parents, teens, and friends of teens who drive. Filled with articles and related links to help make accessing teen driving information, statistics, and answers to your questions easier. Read deep into this website. You’ll find some worthwhile and life-saving information.
Our homes use a lot of electricity. You might be surprised how much some of our every day electric conveniences and electronic luxuries are draining our energy and our wallets, even when they are merely plugged in and not in use. Do you know how much power some of the electronics in your home add to your energy bill each month? 

A Parent’s Guide To TV Ratings
Ever wonder how to decipher the TV ratings you see in the upper left corner of your TV? Here is a great resource for parents that help you understand the ratings, as well as other helpful information about TV parental controls, and more.  

These simple tips are provided by Jimmie Sparks of the St. Paul Neighborhood Energy Connection. Mostly easy enough to do-them-yourselves at home. But if you need help, a qualified handyman can help.

In this DATELINE story and video, homeowners are cautioned as they hear other homeowners’ nightmares with unlicensed and unscrupulous contractors. Be forewarned, the video takes a little time to view, but well worth the time. As these stories primarily take place in the state of California, similar contractors prey off of homeowners that are equally none the wiser in every state. Be careful and be aware of the types of things to keep an eye out for. The end of the video gives some suggestions as to how you can avoid having these kinds of nightmares happen to you. For further reinforcement, take a look at these suggestions on our website. Any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Here are some home improvement ideas that will provide the greatest return on your investments, and some that won’t.
Whether you live in an old house or a new one, it is helpful to understand fair or standard expectations towards how long certain appliances or components should last and when to start looking for replacements.
If your water supply comes from a well, here is a thought for you. There is hope to tame down those hot or cold temperature bursts while showering!


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