Sunday, October 21, 2018
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From the Experts

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One of the SMARTEST things you
can do for yourself, as a homeowner…..

How To Be Proactive And Ready In The Event Of
A Household Emergency
(Keep this number handy - 763-745-7490)

Emergencies and accidents happen to everyone else, never us, right? If we take good care of our things and our home, we will be in good shape, right? Well, usually, that should be the case, but unfortunately, there are exceptions to this rule, too! Who ever plans on the washing machine overflowing, or the toilet? Who would have imagined that one, two, or even three floors of your home can be affected by one mishap? What a mess!

Who can ever anticipate the unexpected from the storm, the flood, the viruses running rampant in your computer? Who would expect that after a long day, you would come home to a cable that decided to snap just as you were closing your garage door, and of course, it is  “after hours!”  Ever notice emergencies never happen at opportune times!?  Ever have one erupt and it’s a weekend, or better yet, a holiday? How about that oven that broke just hours before your guests were arriving for dinner? Or your furnace bites the dust on the night when it’s supposed to be 20 degrees outside. 
How about that baseball that came through your living room window, by accident, of course! Or the neighbor’s car that accidentally slid through your fence? The city snow plow takes up some of your sod by mistake? What happened when that tree fell on top of your roof? May sound far fetched, but it is either reality already for some folks, or could be for others at any later date!
We cannot prevent accidents or emergencies from happening, but we can prevent ourselves from being helpless or hopeless when they do occur! Being prepared, in advance, is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself, as a homeowner! Hopefully, it will be more like having “insurance” that you never need to use, or like bringing an umbrella to a baseball game, and because you brought it, it never rains! 
We recommend you take some time and make a list of contractors and companies you could call in the case of certain emergencies. At the time an emergency or accident happens, is often the worst time to try and figure out whom to call for help! Keeping a list in a safe and accessible place of reliable companies to contact can be the most helpful thing you ever do for yourself! It can save you time in a situation when you don’t really have any time. It can save you money, in light of choosing someone who may end up charging you much more than you need to pay, strictly because you are in an emergency situation and at their mercy! Choosing beforehand will help you find honest, dependable, helpful, and friendly companies who truly want to help you, but won’t take advantage of your situation or vulnerability.  Choosing in advance eliminates making decisions in an emotional state. Choosing in advance can ensure you are ready for almost anything!
The Service Guide can be a perfect resource for you to make your list of emergency contacts! Go through each category, one at a time, anticipating which ones you may need in the future, should something happen to your home, either inside or outside! Many of the businesses on this site are prepared to handle your emergencies and are happy to swoop in and rescue you from the horrors that lurk in those unheard of, unexpected accidents and emergencies! Remember to keep your list handy, let other family members know where it is, even baby-sitters, grandparents, anyone who may end up being in charge at your house, at one time or another. 

You can also always keep the phone number handy to our call center in a safe or easy to access place.  763-745-7490.  You can contact The Service Guide if you have an emergency and need a reliable recommendation for help in over 300 service categories. 
Much better to be safe than sorry! 
If you are interested in sending in some of your own home remedies, amazing or otherwise home or office solutions, even some of your great recipes, we invite you to share them with us.  We try to post as many as we can throughout our Consumer Tips section. Watch for all the great suggestions and ideas, maybe yours will be there!  We appreciate your contributions and thank you, in advance!




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