Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Lead Magnets are a powerful tool that help you build trust  

Lead Magnets help you draw in potential customers that may already have a level of interest in something that you know but they don’t.  Businesses utilize Lead Magnets such as a guide, an eBook, a how-to instruction, a recipe, coupon, or something educational to share with visitors online.  Usually Lead Magnets are free offerings that help deliver value in exchange for a limited amount of contact information (typically an email address and maybe a name) and definitely a positive experience for visitors online.  That is their benefit. 

The benefit to you is that Lead Magnets can help spread your expertise which speaks to your competency, a critical piece to gaining trust in you.  Lead Magnets also give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with someone and begin the “trust earning” process with something fun and positive.  A third benefit to you is that Lead Magnets help you build leads and add to your email database at the same time.  If you choose to, you are able to continue nurturing these leads through email to try and move them further through your sales funnel.

Dig a little deeper into Lead Magnets.  Learn more.                               
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