Monday, June 18, 2018
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Consider your form! 
Contibuted by Diana Herzan

  1. Many people will abandon a form if they feel it is too long!
    Never underestimate the impatience level of many in our society.  Just as shoppers will decide against a purchase in a retail store if the checkout lines are too long, the same mentality prevails if someone perceives your Contact Form is too cumbersome to complete.  Visitors will only give it one initial glance over.  If it’s too long, for them it could also be “so long!”  Try and keep the number of fields you are asking to be filled out to a minimum of between three and no more than five.  This is a fair place to remind you that it’s important to keep in mind where your “customer” may be in his or her buying journey.  At the Contact Form completion stage, it is fair to say this is early on in their stages.  Resist the temptations to ask for more information than you need to take the next steps with them at this point.  Really, what you need is a way to contact them back, email, phone, or both, their name and what they want or need from you.  Any and everything else, you can gather when you connect.

  2. Do you need their phone number?
    Businesses have a myriad of Contact Forms on their websites.  Not all are for solely contacting purposes.  Some may be to enable a visitor to download an eBook or a whitepaper.  Some may be for adding themselves to your email newsletter list.  Some might be to allow someone to submit a question, an “Ask Us Anything” type form.  Most people are reluctant to giving out their phone numbers, especially if they fear getting hounded by sales calls.  Understandable!  Data analyzed from all kinds of surveys consistently confirm that asking unnecessarily for a phone number will be a conversion killer!  If you don’t need it, don’t ask for it.

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