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When are the apples you love the most ready for harvest?
Many Minnesotans look forward to being able to buy the best of the best apples during the fall.  See a calendar of when the apples you love the most are ready for harvest and how long they can be stored.  Full article.

Is snoring keeping you up at night?  
Going to sleep should be a time of peace, quiet, and rejuvenation.  Unfortunately for some, going to sleep often means lying next to a partner who´s snoring keeps them up at night.  Today, about two thirds of couples deal with snoring as an issue, as well as 30% of men and women over the age of 30.  See a list of solutions that can help.  Full article.

Be safe on wintery roadsPut your car in neutral if you are sliding on ice
A good winter driving reminder... If you find yourself sliding on ice, try and keep your wits about you, and try not to panic.  Try to remember to PUT YOUR CAR IN NEUTRAL and apply your brakes slowly. You will have a better chance at being able to steer your way through if your car is in NEUTRAL.  Learn what it means to TURN INTO A SLIDE and see other winter driving safety tips.  Full article. 

Don´t let a clogged garbage disposal ruin your holidays!
Each holiday season, we receive calls from homeowners who are frustrated and irritated looking for plumbing rescues because they have blocked garbage disposals.  Trying to find plumbers that are available to help you over a weekend, or especially on a holiday can be a real challenge! Although there are a few available, they are hard to find. Here are some tips and reminders to hopefully help you not only avoid your kitchen sink from backing up from a blocked garbage disposal, help you avoid having to pay top dollar for a plumber to rescue you over a holiday.  Full article.

Great list of tips for home sellers to help get your home SOLD 
Tips are a collection from local realtors, home stagers, buyers and sellers.  See some DIY ways to stage your home to make it more buyer-friendly; as well as some insight into how to choose a merit-worthy realtor.  Hopefully, implementing some of these ideas will help make your selling experience easier, shorter, less stressful, and more profitable.  Full article. 

Too dry in your house? 
Are you waking up in the morning with a dry throat?  Besides incurring the cost of purchasing a humidifier, unless you take immaculate care and perform regular maintenance on them, humidifiers may not be the best solution for your dry rooms in the long run. Here are some easy home remedies you can use to humidify a room!  Full article.

Shrunk Your Sweater?  Shrunk your sweater?
If you have somehow shrunken your sweater, using hair conditioner may be able to help restore your sweater’s original size and shape.  See simple sweater restoration instructions and find out why hair conditioner works as such an unexpected solution. 
Full article.

What Recourse Or Resources Do Homeowners Have OnceWhat recourse do I have?
Things With Their Contractor Have Gone Sour?

As consumers we can end up in any number of unexpected situations. Depending on the circumstances, there could be certain recourse you can take, or resources you can
access to help you through these times.   Full article.

Customer Reviews - Changing The Way Consumers Shop!
Whether you purchase online or at the retail level, very few products or services are exempt from our being able to scrutinize via valuable feedback.  You can (and why wouldn´t you?!) take a look at others´ feedback before you make definitive buying decisions!  Customer Reviews can help you sift out good from bad, quality vs. sleaze, and integrity vs. fraud.  Learn how to read what you need from Customer Reviews in order to get out of them what matters!  Full article.

Considering A Contractor To Do Work For You?Choosing the right contractor for you is important!  Check out these tips to help determine the best contractors for your projects!
Following these tips and suggestions will help you determine which companies are worthy of your dollar and investment of time! Full article. 

There Is No Place Like Home For Growing OldThere is no place like home for growing old!
As Americans grow older, the prospect of aging and staying at home typically prevails over moving into a long term care or assisted living facility as long as it remains possible to do so!  What makes it possible is good news for many millions of Americans facing this momentous and sensitive time of their lives.  Learn what you need to do to make your home or the home of an aging parent, friend or relative accessible, secure, safe and livable independently and who would be the best to contract to help.  Full article.

Benefits of Steel, Metal Roofing Vs. AsphaltBenefits of Steel, Metal Roofing Vs. Asphalt
Keeping a good roof over our heads means more than keeping out the snow and rain.  If you are considering a new or replacement roof, how does steel or metal roofing stack up?  Just how well will this roofing option serve you now and later on?  How does it rate with energy-efficiency and how “green” is this roofing choice?  Full article….

Storm Damage Repair / Restoration Information For Minnesota Homeowners- What you should know about Storm Chasers! 
When Mother Nature´s wrath strikes hard, storm chasers tend to flock to a disaster area like pioneers to a gold rush. As most contractors are reputable, there are, unfortunately, some unscrupulous operators that will attempt to take advantage of storm victims. Out of nowhere, and usually in record time, these contractors are all over a hard hit area. We invite you to take a moment and be proactive BEFORE the storms hit and learn how to detect reputable contractors from not, some basic ideas and tips when repairing or restoring your home after a storm or natural disaster, important insurance issues and bewares and other information you absolutely need to know BEFORE your home gets hit with storm damage.  See full article.

How Long Should Your Household Appliances Last?
How long should common household components / appliances last?
As homeowners, it is important to know about every aspect of our home, from the structural components, the life expectancies of our appliances, to the routine sounds around our house.  Whether you live in an old house or a new one, it is helpful to understand fair expectations towards how long certain appliances should last and when to reasonably start looking for replacements.  Full Article…

Removing Unwanted Bees and Hornets NestsHow to eliminate unwanted bees and hornets nests
Bees and hornets nests can be a pesty problem for homeowners. See what the most efficient ways are to eliminate unwanted bees and hornets nests, when is the best times to address them, and with what kinds of treatments.   Full article….

Should You Replace? Reface? Or Restore Your Kitchen Cabinets? You can make your wood  look like new again!
Your kitchen is likely one of the most significant focal points in your home.  Depending on the age of your kitchen, whether you are staying or moving, you may feel that parts or the whole kitchen are in need of a facelift.  Changing your cabinets is often a great alternative to remodeling your kitchen.  The question many homeowners ask… should they reface, replace, or restore their cabinets? There are definite points to all three. The answer you ultimately choose depends on several factors.  Full article…

Conducting Your Own Energy Audit Is Easier Than You Might Think
The first step to taking a whole house energy efficiency approach is to find out which parts of your house use the most energy. A home energy audit will pinpoint those areas and suggest the most effective measures for cutting your energy costs. You can conduct a simple home energy audit yourself. It’s easier than you might think.  Full article...

How To Be Proactive and Ready In The Event Of A Household Emergency
We cannot prevent accidents or emergencies from happening, but we can prevent ourselves from being helpless or hopeless when they do occur!  Being prepared, in advance, is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself, as a homeowner!  Learn what you can do to be ready and not at the mercy of contractors when you are most vulnerable.  Full article…_______________________________________________________________________

Beware of work-at-home scamsAvoid work-at-home scams
The “American Dream,” the thought of staying at home, working for yourself, can be very appealing.  Keeping control of your own schedule, making a little extra money, juggling kids at home and still contributing to the family income are common desires many people have.  But, BE CAREFUL!  There are many “too good to be true” scams out there, many right under our noses, trying to lure you in.  See what to look out for and what just may be exactly too good to be true!  Full article.

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