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Project Planning

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Hiring a Building or Remodeling Expert

    Tips For Hiring A Contractor Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota · Home Improvement Project Planning Help Twin Cities MN
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Every project that you need done, regardless of the size, can be done most effectively by keeping in mind the following sequence of steps. 

 Visualize and Dream  Plan, Stay Organized  Prepare, Use Checklists  Do your homework  Stay on top of things


 Plan, Stay Organized,
Keep Papers in A File

Make Decisions,
Use Checklists

 Do Your Homework 
Call on References

 Stay on Top of Things

1. Visualize
2. Plan
3. Prepare
4. Follow Through with Plan
5. Make adjustments
6. Stay on Top of Project
7. Conclude

Before tackling a project:

1. Visualize in your mind what you would like to see! Some people are more visual than others. If you are not the "visual type," try and describe what you want to someone else, try and draw or write out what you are thinking. Contractors appreciate drawings, sketches, pictures to help them be able to "visualize" what you see!

2. Planning is one of the most important steps you can take!  Whatever you do, you can never spend too much time on this step!  Begin by starting a file for your project! Yes, a file! A file folder, a large envelope, an accordion file, whatever you have or like to use to stay organized.  Keep all your notes, pictures, photographs that you accumulate in one place.  Keep all phone numbers, contacts, information you collect, so you don’t have to go and re-create information or duplicate your efforts.  Plot out tentative timetables. As you do more of your homework in the "prepare" step, you will gain more insight into how long stages of your project can take, making you better equipped to fill in other "deadlines" along the way, and to make the "tentative" more concrete.  Create your list of things to do!  Be as detailed as you can!

3. Being prepared is over half the battle! The better prepared YOU are, the better the ultimate results will be for your project!  Being prepared means many different things, depending on the project you are doing!  If you are doing work inside your home, you may need to prepare your family for what they can expect while work is being done.  Perhaps a closet may need to be cleared out, a room, or section of your yard.  Give thought to what you might be able to do in advance to enable a contractor to be able to begin working most easily on your project once they have been hired.  Give thought to what decisions you need to have made in advance and move towards making them so you are comfortable when it comes time to start. Painting contractors typically run into challenges when their customers are indecisive on colors. Being decisive can only help move your project along. Choosing the right contractor or professional that best fits you is a big part of being prepared. This step could easily have the greatest impact on the success of your projects. You will want to take the time necessary to research several professionals, making the efforts to learn what you need to about each one before making any final decisions. Click on Hiring A Contractor Or Service Professional for more in depth help on this, including contractor checklists, reference checking and more....

4. Follow through with your plan to complete your project. Once you have made up your mind that you want to have that pond put in the back, take the steps you need to determine if you will continue.  Some projects costs are not easy to predict. Bringing in several contractors or specialists to provide you with estimates and insight is a helpful and smart next step to take.  After learning how much a particular project can cost, you can better determine its affordability at that time.  Once you have determined affordability, and found the right contractor or professional for the job, you are ready to proceed to the next step.
During your project:
5. Make adjustments along the way as the needs arise. Often, any number of things can change once things get under way.  A key here is to make sure that ALL people working on your project are aware of any adjustments that are being made, and more specifically, how the changes affect them. Effective communication with everyone involved is the most significant key to success in this step!

6. Staying on top of your project is another key to the success of your project.  If you are on top of things, you will have a heads up on anything that may require your attention or the attention of your contractor. Your visibility and involvement will play a large role in your projects progress and completion results. Remember, it is your home or your business! Your vision!  Your upgrade or improvement!  Your project! Hiring a professional for your project is one thing. Now, consider yourselves on the same team!  Both of you have big jobs!
The degree to which you are attentive to the progressions of your project will have a direct affect on the stress levels you experience during the job. When you are having work done to your home, office, or business, it is probably not the best time to take a vacation and leave it all in the hands, or mercy, of any service professional, regardless of the trust level you feel.  Be there every day. Check in on the progress. Make sure that the colors from the teeny tiny paint cards look the way you thought they would on the exterior of your house! Make sure the wallpaper is going on in the right direction. Be accessible for questions from your contractor. Questions will come up. Avoid them having to guess or make decisions for themselves that you should be making.  Be available, minimally, be accessible!  By staying on top of your project, you will know exactly how things are going. This is a good time to let the contractors know if you are happy with what you are seeing! Compliments can go far and are so very appreciated! It is also a good time to catch things that may be wrong before they go any further.
After your project:
7. Conclude your projects with a detailed inspection of everything!  If you have stayed on top of things thus far, nothing should be a surprise to you in the last stages. But, still conduct a final walk-through, or check of your finished "masterpiece!"  It’s a good idea to take the contractor with you through this final assessment stage. Ask questions of your contractor, if you are unsure about something. Before you write your final check for payment, it is important to make sure everything has actually been done as agreed on. In some instances, you might want to have your husband, wife, or someone that you trust make their own "final checks." A second, critical eye may see something you missed.  If there are areas you are not completely satisfied with, communicate them to your contractor and arrange for modifications or resolutions together. Once these have been completed, conduct the same checks before making any final payments. It is much harder to get someone to come back again to re-do once you have made your final payment. In many cases, making a final payment is seen as a statement of satisfaction on your part. So, be careful.  If everything checks out the way you wanted it to, making a final payment to your contractor should be a positive conclusion to your project! Thanking your contractor with a note or extra phone call is always appreciated! Remember, too, if you were very happy with the work your contractor did, to recommend him or her to others!
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