Monday, June 18, 2018
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  Rating System

 Excellent    Good    Average    Needs Improvement    Horrendous

The Service Guide´s Rating System provides a snapshot of local homeowners´ service experiences with contractors listed on our site.  
Local consumers rate companies on a scale from Excellent to Horrendous on each of the eight Quality Criteria you see below.  If you prefer to think in terms of numbers, our rating system is calculated behind the scenes using a 1 – 5 number scale.  The values below parallel our rating “words.”
          Excellent = 5                                                            
          Good = 4                                 
          Average = 3                            
          Needs Improvement = 2         
          Horrendous = 1                      
The Overall Value rating is determined by calculating a numeric average of the eight Quality Criteria using the associated numbers above. 


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