Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Thank you for your interest in The Service Guide's Referral Progam

Sharing referrals can be a valuable part of doing business.  Many of the businesses we work with have been referrals from other businesses, as well as from the general public.  We appreciate receiving referrals and value the opportunity to get to know more about the businesses whose referrals come our way.

When referred businesses become our customers, we want to be sure to recognize and acknowledge where we got to know them from.  And we would like to make sure our gratitude is shown, as well.  Our Referral Program helps us do just that!   It’s a simple program that pays you $40.00 in your pocket for your referrals when they become a customer of ours. 

Here’s how it works:   

  1. Send us your referral
  2. Receive confirmation
  3. Receive status updates on your referral
  4. Receive Referral Reward of $40.00 if your referral purchases services from us
  5. If you reach a level where five of your referrals become our customer, receive $50.00 Referral Reward for the sixth and beyond converted referrals

Wonder what kinds of businesses you can refer?

First, think in terms of your own desire to refer a business.  Is the business one that you would not hesitate to hire, yourself?  Second, realize that the members and users of The Service Guide trust and rely on the information they discover in the reviews we publish.  They are looking for high quality.  If the business(es) you want to refer fit this bill, they will be a great fit for our service. 

The kinds of businesses you can refer to our service is right in our name.  “The Service Guide” refers to local businesses that provide a service. 

Most specifically, we focus on businesses in the following service industries:

Contractors / Home Improvement
B2B Business Products and Services
Auto Services
Health and Fitness Services
Dentists and Chiropractors
Products and Services for Seniors

We thank you, in advance, for your business referrals.  We look forward to working with them and with you, as well, as a referral partner.

Contact The Service Guide:  763-745-7490 or email us at


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