Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Reference Calling Sample Script

 Hiring A Contractor or Service Professional

 Checklists For Each Contractor You Meet With

 Reference Calling Sample Script

Hiring  a Building or Remodeling Expert

Call all references! We view this as a crucial step many people tend to justify their way out of.   “I’ll be okay,” or “I am a good judge of character!” “I can tell.” The truth is you probably can tell something about people that you meet. But be careful, because things are not always the way they seem. When you think you have found the right contractor for YOU, it is always a good idea to double check your own gut feelings with someone who has already hired that contractor and worked with them.
These calls can hold a lot of value to you in merely gaining information that could help you get to know your contractor better. Contractors expect this, and most of them already have lists of customer references ready to give you. These calls could lend valuable insight into how to better create that effective “working partnership!” Eliminate surprises! Take the time to speak candidly about your own expectations with others who have already hired the contractor you are considering. Don’t skip this and wish you hadn’t later! Use of a standardized form or script can help ensure consistency with each call. Click here for an example. Print as many as you want, and USE THEM! 
A few words to the wise:
Before getting too far into any of your reference calls, always make sure you are calling at a good time. If your timing is bad, you may not really get the information you need. You may be hurried off the phone, so your reference can get back to dinner, leaving you short on valuable information. Ask if it is a good time. If it isn’t, ask when would be.
If you add questions of your own, try and ask open ended ones, versus yes or no. You will simply get more out of their answers that way.


click here


Click Here For A
Reference Calling
Sample Script
Print as many as you
want and

What has the strongest impact on the ultimate success of your projects?
Our research told us that the effectiveness of the
relationship between
you and the contractors
you choose does. 
A note on problems!
In all fairness to contractors you are considering, do not necessarily dismiss a contractor if you hear from a reference that there were problems. They can happen. They are not necessarily a reflection on the contractor. What you REALLY WANT TO KNOW is how the contractor handled the problem! That, in itself, can tell you a great deal about the contractor you are considering!
Get all the facts first before you jump to conclusions!



















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