Monday, June 18, 2018
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Maintaining Review Integrity
Maintaining the integrity of the Reviews we post is critical in providing information to you that can be trusted.  We enforce a strict Review Validation policy where all Reviews are verified.  Verifying all Reviews we receive, to us this is a stand out feature of our service! The thousands of consumers who read our Reviews rely on the information to make decisions that affect their homes, families, finances, and in some cases, their health.  In that spirit, we make a point to ensure that all Reviews we receive are verified to confirm actual customer - company relationships. 

We do not post Reviews if they are submitted by someone who:
1.      Is related to the contractor / service provider they are reviewing
2.      Works for the contractor / service provider they are reviewing
3.      Works for a competitor of the contractor / service provider they are reviewing
4.      Has not actually had work completed by the contractor / service provider they are
This criteria is communicated as a part of the Review Form to all consumers submitting Reviews.   This process helps prevent consumers or businesses from submitting false reviews.  Additionally, our validation process enables us to post Reviews anonymously, keeping all consumer information private. 
The Service Guide enforces a zero-tolerance policy resulting in immediate inactivation for any business involved in submitting false Reviews for themselves or any other company on our website.  The zero-tolerance also applies to any members involved in submitting false Reviews.  This would result in immediate inactivation of memberships to these members.  Any Non-Members submitting false Reviews will be denied Membership to our services.  In addtition, no future Reviews from that Non-Member will be posted.


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