Monday, June 18, 2018
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Service Excellence - Partner Program 
Earn Residual Income referring, recommending, promoting
Service Excellence to other businesses!       
                                                                                                         Service Excellence - Home

Service Excellence Partner Program
invites you to become a part of ours, yours, and others’ success! You can start today and earn Residual Income by helping refer, recommend, and promote Service Excellence to other businesses.

About Service Excellence
- Smart businesses know the value in knowing how to leverage the positive word-of-mouth factor from their happy and
satisfied customers to help them acquire new business and to increase their
profits.  Business Boosters’ Service Excellence helps businesses collect valuable Customer feedback, plus helpful marketing information that tracks where
customers are finding them, why they were chosen over others and more. 
When businesses are able to obtain this kind of information and utilize it effectively, the results are the same every time… more business which translates directly into more revenue and profit for the company!
To learn more about how Service Excellence works and how it benefits all size businesses, click on the links below. 
      How does       Why is this         Are your competitors       What can you      What is      
      this work?       important?                doing this?                  expect?         the cost?


We would value your involvement!   Become a Partner!
It’s easy to do! 
  • By simply adding links to your website(s), emails, and social networking messages, you can share information with other businesses about
    Service Excellence.
  • We will provide you with links you can use for these purposes. 
  • When a business requests information or to get started with
    Service Excellence, they will be asked for referral information. 
  • You will be credited with their referral for the longevity of their
    relationship with Service Excellence.
  • Every time they sign a contract with us to collect Customer Feedback from their customers, you receive Residual Income for every customer we are asked to contact
Is there a cost to become part of our Partner Program?
  • Not at all! There are NO up front or hidden fees to become a Partner 
  • We just ask for your participation and active involvement in helping us refer, recommend and promote our program
  • We understand the value in working together and appreciate your efforts
    in communicating with your professional and social networks, universes, and circles of trust on the program’s behalf
  • By paying out Residual Income to you is our way of rewarding, compensating and appreciating your time and efforts
What is the Residual Income structure?
  • When a business signs a contract with us to help them collect Customer Feedback for them, you will receive $.50 per customer name they contract us for
  • For example, if a business you refer or recommend contracts us to collect feedback for them from 20 customers, you will receive $10.00. If a business contracts us to collect feedback for them from 100 customers, you will receive $50.00, and so on. 
  • Residual Income is paid to you by check and sent to you via U.S. Mail on either a monthly or quarterly schedule, whichever you opt for.
Service Excellence Partner Program invites you to become a part of ours, yours, and others’ success! Start earning Residual Income right away by helping refer, recommend, and promote Service Excellence to other businesses. Service Excellence would value your involvement in our program. Why not request your kit to get started today! 
Request your kit to get started today
in our Service Excellence Partner Program

Service Excellence - Home
Service Excellence Business Award
Customer Reviews help your customers have a voice for your company!  Smart businesses understand
the impact on their profit of leveraging the opinions of their happy customers.  See more on how your Customer Reviews can help your business qualify for this Business Award!



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