Monday, June 18, 2018
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Service Excellence - Why Is This Important?Service Excellence

To what extent are consumers influenced by customer reviews?

Why is this important?

Obtaining Customer Reviews and making them available for others to view are important for several reasons! 
  • Your future and potential customers look for this kind of information. Customers today are much savvier with this kind of information and are in the habit of looking for it. Nine out of ten online shoppers look for Review information in order to assist them with their purchasing decisions.

  • If they don’t find information about you, they will move on. When they move on, they will be moving on without you.

  • Customer feedback obtained through a third party, versus solicited through individual company efforts, typically delivers a deeper level of honesty, volume, and credibility with others

  • Your customers will appreciate the fact that you care enough to hire out an outside company to help you obtain their opinion and feedback

  • Getting back in front of your customers once your job or project is completed, or once they have left your establishment, helps reinforce their relationship with you

  • Feedback provided by your customers can provide you with invaluable information for your business

  • Use this Invaluable Quality Control information to improve your business

  • Learn exactly what your customers like and don’t like – improve your customer satisfaction

  • Learn what you can keep doing right

  • Learn what you can adjust

  • Use this information to reward / reinforce your employees or staff for work well done

  • Use it to motivate your employees, staff, even sub-contractors

  • Find out where your customers are finding you and exactly why they chose you over others

  • Benefit from additional referrals and repeat business

                                                           How do I get started?

    How does        Why is this          Are your competitors        What can you        What is      
this work?        important?                 doing this?                  expect?            the cost?

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Service Excellence Business Award
Customer Reviews help your customers have a voice for your company!  Smart businesses understand
the impact on their profit of leveraging the opinions of their happy customers.  See more on how your Customer Reviews can help your business qualify for this Business Award!


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