Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Is snoring keeping you up at night?                    
Try these solutions to snoring for a better night’s sleep
                        Content contributed by Patrick Bergan

Going to sleep should be a time of peace, quiet, and rejuvenation. Unfortunately for some, going to sleep often means lying next to a partner who’s snoring keeps them up at night.  Snoring is a problem many people struggle to deal with.  Today, about two thirds of couples deal with snoring as an issue, as well as 30% of men and women over the age of 30.  There are a variety of factors that can cause snoring but there is also a list of solutions that can help.

First, why do people snore?  Snoring is often caused by too much throat and nasal tissue.  This extra tissue is prone to vibrate when sleeping, causing snoring.  These excess tissues primarily develop due to poor muscle tone, sometimes as a result of being out of shape or overweight.  Bad habits can also contribute to snoring.  Smoking, drinking, and sedatives contribute to snoring by relaxing the throat muscles, which narrows the airways.  Another cause for snoring is related to sleep posture.  Sleeping on your back can cause your head to tilt back and thus stretch, block, and narrow your airways.
 What can you do to help stop snoring?  There are a variety of 
 solutions for snoring, dependent on the cause.  Excess tissue and
 poor muscle tone, the most common cause of snoring, can be
 resolved by losing weight through exercise.  Snoring can also be
 resolved by eliminating smoking and avoiding alcohol, sleeping pills,
 or other sedatives. For those who prefer to sleep on their back,
 elevating your head another four inches will open your airways and
 allow you to breathe freely.  Sleeping on your side can also help
resolve snoring issues.  There are also many other ways to resolve snoring, such as establishing a regular sleep schedule, clearing your nasal passages before going to sleep, keeping your bedroom air moist with a humidifier, and avoiding caffeine, heavy meals, and dairy products before going to sleep.

Snoring is a problem that can keep you up at night and put a strain on your relationship with your partner.  Understanding the causes of your snoring is the best way to find a solution.  Snoring doesn’t have to rule your nights.  If you follow these easy steps to create a healthy routine, your nights will be peaceful, quiet, and rejuvenating.

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