Sunday, October 21, 2018
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We understand the research process consumers conduct before they will consider or contact a business whose services they need.  Using The Service Guide will assist you with that research process, ultimately providing you with important information:

 > To help you validate a business´ quality (or not)
 > To help relate apples to apples services & companies in 1 place
 > You can access quickly and easily anytime
 > That is verified and credible so the decisions you make as a result are good ones
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What our members love:
♥ Hiring reputable local companies the first time!  
♥ Access to businesses in over 500 service categories
Access to current Ratings and Reviews
Verified Reviews which means information you can trust
♥ Great exclusive savings all year round
♥ Online & live assistance including detailed Company Profiles
Saving time, avoiding hassles
Reducing stress and worry
Satisfying service experiences
Feeling well-informed

Personalized attention through our call center
Access to a local company who is well-connected to the local contractor and
   business communities

As a member of The Service Guide, what else should you know:

·  You´ll see who has the experience & expertise to best accommodate your specific needs
·  You´ll see which companies earn local consumers´ TOP RATINGS!
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