Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Your Customer Reviews Pages Should Be All About YOU For Them To Be The Most Effective

Gaining exposure to Customer Reviews is an important piece in gaining the trust needed for potential customers to extend you their consideration.  Because these pages carry the influence they do, it is more helpful to you when your Reviews Pages are all about YOU.  It is more common than not with most Review sites to crowd these pages with ads, information about your competition, and hosts of other non-related junk that adds clutter to your page. 

Your Reviews Pages with The Service Guide only feature information about YOU.  Nothing else there to distract or detract visitors on your pages from leaning in a little more in your direction.  Take a look below at the two examples of Review Pages.  Yours will look similar, but with your logo, company name, contact information, and your Reviews.

Whichever Tier Review Service ends up being the right one for you, your Reviews Page will look like one of these two pages, or both, depending on which option you choose:


Why do we provide two different Reviews Pages?
When you take our class on Trustonomics, you learn about the term, Money Pages. These are web pages that make you money.  When customers are conducting their due diligence process and trying to learn as much about you as they can, 97% of them start with their favorite search engine.  All of the organic search results (the ones that come up on the left side of their screens) will be critical to their research process. 

The Service Guide understands this process very well and delivers not one, but two of these search results for you by giving you two different Reviews Pages.  You instantly double your exposure to your Reviews.  As you can see, the pages do not look identical, which is deliberate.  We also make sure that both sites don't boast identical reviews.  Customers get irritated when they discover duplicates of the same Reviews.  Both versions of your Reviews Page are kept clean, current, and distraction-free!  This way, customers that visit these pages can easily focus on what they need to gain in order to turn their consideration for you into opportunities for you both.

Let us know you are interested in learning more about your options. 

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