Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

About The Service Guide

Homeownership doesn't come with a manual to help guide you through all the responsibilities you acquire once you've purchased a home. Getting good at navigating your way through them is typically learned as you go.

  • Think of The Service Guide as your personal home manual where you can get advice and answers to your home related inquiries encompassing more than 300 service categories. 
  • Plus learn and laugh with other relatable homeowners who have and are navigating similar waters you are! 
  • Lastly, connect to local RESIDENT EXPERT service providers for answers and solutions when you need help.

Created in 2004, The Service Guide has become one of the best and trusted resources consumers across the U.S. turn to first for reliable, helpful information that makes homeownership just that much easier!

Read on to get to know us a little bit better!

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Think of The Service Guide as the home manual you never had!
The Service Guide was established in 2004

Learn More About Our History

Our history begins with our mission.  From the very beginning, these basic, but important words describe what we have set out to provide for both the consumers in our communities, as well as the contractors / service providers in our network.


The Service Guide's mission is to provide local consumers with easy and abundant access to information and experienced experts that helps reduce the stresses of taking care of their homes.


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Learn What Differentiates Us

If you haven't noticed yet, The Service Guide has our own unique personality, along with a set of unique benefits you can only get from us.

We understand (and know that you do, too!) the importance of being confident heading into projects and repairs for your home.  We also know the role  good information plays towards creating that confidence and in making the smart, safe decisions you'll need to make.

That's the reason we make grand efforts to curate information and an education you can trust. 


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Learn How Things Work

When you have questions related to your home, we have content and experts available to answer them for you.

Depending on what you need and when, get guidance, solutions, and even savings on some of your home repairs and projects.

Utilizing the resources here will help you get comfortable, stay confident, and move through your home projects, challenges and questions.


Who Are The Service Providers In Our Network

Local Service Providers are an important part of our community. They are the Resident Experts that answer your questions, that help you with your projects, that help guide you to smart decisions.

Local Service Providers in our network represent cities across the U.S. and have proven their interests are the same as ours, YOU!

Each professional meets a specific quality standard and has been vetted to qualify as a viable member of our Service Provider Network.


The People In Our Community Are Just Like YOU

YOU are the other big part of our community!

Both of us know there will always be something that needs your attention at home!  Why re-create the wheel if you don't have to?  Why not learn from others who have already tackled what you might be trying to today?

Homeowners just like you make up our national community!  Stopping here helps all of you take the best care of your homes, with the highest levels of safety and confidence you can!


Learn About Our Founder

The Service Guide, over the past eighteen years, has become one of most trusted home resources homeowners refer to for reliable information that makes their homeownership just that much easier.

Learn more about our Founder, who created and has been modifying The Service Guide to best meet the needs and challenges of owning and maintaining a home!


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