Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

Service Professionals -
Why become part of The Service Guide's Network?

Find Out How You Can Be Part Our Service Professional Network

Simple Answer: More homeowner connections!  More quality leads!  More value!  More reliable revenue and profit!  And did we mention....More fun!

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You have access to lots of support and opportunities you can only get here!

What kinds of businesses are part of our network?

Our network consists of big companies, small companies, and everything in between.  There are new and old businesses.  And there are new businesses owned by professionals who have been in their fields for a long time.  There are no cookie cutter companies in our network.  Every business is different in some way, even to others in their same service category.  But, there are some commonalities they all share.

The simplest way to describe the universal mindset of our network service providers goes straight to the spirit of our founding mission.  Four words you can always count on are:

TRUST          QUALITY          SAFETY          EASE

It is this mindset that sets our service providers apart!  And in many ways, our service providers set us apart!

Can any service provider be part of The Service Guide's Network?

The simple answer is that we welcome everyone to be!  However, each business does need to meet a set of criteria in order to have access to our homeowner connections and other special support and services.


  1. First, what services do our service providers offer?
  2. Second, are the service providers in our network "qualified" or "vetted" in some way?  The answer is yes.  It helps us uphold the levels of integrity, professionalism and excellence our communities of consumers come to us for!  That's a good thing for our service providers, as well!  They keep company with the best! 

​Being part of The Service Guide's Network translates to lots of opportunities for our service providers:

Our Service Providers have access to  Success Tools and Trust Builders that help boost their credibility, which builds consumer confidence, which helps build their businesses! 

Plus, service providers in our network also receive exclusive savings to all our products and services only companies in the network have access to.

Some of these opportunities include:
    1. Ability to connect with and tap into The Service Guide's local homeowner bases in cities across the U.S.  These are coveted groups of consumers who are loyal to The Service Guide and our resources. Lots of them go back as many as 18 years! 

      Many of these homeowners have questions, projects, repairs and visions they will ultimately spend money on.  Service Providers in our network typically are given a higher priority with these homeowners when they are ready to spend their money.

    2. Reviews - some have enlisted The Service Guide to help acquire customer reviews - these help confirm and validate quality
    3. Ability to qualify for The Service Guide's TRUST VERIFIED Credential, a credibility builder for customers looking for reasons to choose your business over your competition.
    4. Personal interviews - these help consumers get to know more about your company and the people who may end up helping them
    5. Photos of your work - these provide visuals which help confirm the kind and caliber of work you perform
    6. Some have qualified as Resident Experts and have provided answers to frequently asked questions that pertain to their areas of expertise.  These can turn into leads, customers and revenue.
    7. Content - our service providers can provide content in several different formats and platforms to help educate their current and future customers.  We have seen that when a business is able to provide an education, trust in them naturally follows.
    8. Access to Company and Team Building Programs that help ensure teams work from the same page.  When teams are in sync, business owners can literally watch their business transform how they succeed.
    9. Marketing Support - our service providers have access to individual marketing support, marketing planning and strategizing and marketing training resources.

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