Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

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Owning and maintaining a home, as anyone who owns one knows, is an on-going, and sometimes relentless project!  As I recall my father saying growing up, "there's always something!"  How truthful he was!

We know as well as you, that although some projects are well planned and budgeted for, others are totally not!  Whether a project was on your agenda, or a sudden catastrophe turned into a clean up nightmare, it's still awesome to be able to save money wherever you can!  We haven't found a household yet, exempt of these kind of expenses adding up!

Your SAVERS Membership will help you save money on many of your upcoming and unexpected home related projects, repairs and challenges!

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Get Quality and Savings:  The Service Guide has relationships with contractors and home service professionals, some dating back seventeen years!  To be part of our Contractor Network, service professionals provide us with proof of all required licenses and insurance, plus they have a history of positive reviews from their customers.

Many of the businesses have provided The Service Guide with exclusive discounts and offers that we provide to YOU.  As a SAVERS member, these special, exclusive savings are shared with YOU!

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Get More:  It's completely up to you how you "spend" the money you save with your SAVERS discounts.  You might be able to get more things done, upgrade a project, or put the money you save right in your pocket!  Or, maybe that special treat you've been putting off for yourself?  Maybe it's time!?

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