Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

How Things Work Here

When you find yourself in a position where you need advice or answers from an expert service professional, we are here to help you find what you need. The Service Guide has relationships with thousands of local service professionals in over 300 service categories.  Helping you get connected to the best information and education is what we do!

If you are wondering what we mean by "local;" local is wherever you are.  Our Resident Expert Service Pros can be found in cities across the U.S.  Hopefully, there are enough close enough to you. 

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How can you get advice and answers to your home related questions / challenges?

1  Tap one of our Resident Experts

Have questions about a current or future home project or repair?  Asking one of our Resident Experts about it is easy.  Simply ask.  Then get answers!

Click here to ask your questions.  Once you've sent your inquiry, you will receive a response with information to help answer or solve your question or dilemma.

Pretty simple!  That's the way we like it!

2  Get felt advice for your household headaches

Laugh and learn with the best of us!

Whether you are dealing with a neighbor, a contractor, an HOA, landlord, or something else, there's a good chance someone else may have been there before, as well.  Confronted with a problematic or challenging situation?  Difficult people?  Moral or ethics debacle?

Read letters others have written in to Diana.  Some may strike a chord with your situation, or maybe give you some insight on one that is similar.

I share my thoughts in the hopes of guiding others like you in a productive and constructive direction.

Use these resources to get more immediate information, answers, and solutions

Visit our awesome blog

Our blog is intended to provide you with your own personal home manual to help answer questions, solve some of your household problems, and to provide you with an education that makes you feel smarter about running your household.

Check out our Inspiration Room

Take in our growing collection of photos meant to inspire and spark creativity, ideas, and motivation to help you create or recreate spaces of your own.
Leisurely stroll from room to room and space to space. 
It all starts with ideas!

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The Service Guide's Newsletter is a fun, informative, and helpful treat our subscribers appreciate!  Topics vary, but focus primarily on home, family, health, and consumer related subjects.  Watch your inbox for your next issue!

See Consumer And Household Tips

The consumer tips we provide are collected and curated specially to help you around your home, inside and outdoors.  Stop by often, as new tips are being posted all the time!

Stop by Answerville

Local contractors have been selected from our Service Professional Network to help provide answers to questions consumers routinely ask them about.  Chances are good that some of this information may answer questions you have, as well.

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How can we be of help to you today?

Ask A Resident Expert Your Questions
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Find Helpful Information In Our Awesome Blog
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