Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

Home Improvement Professionals:

Can you use a better lead source?

Discover The Service Guide's SAVERS Program!

SAVERS addresses the things contractors really want in a lead generating resource!  It works for YOU, delivering reliable, quality leads from SERIOUS customers!

Get your company's offer(s) in front of motivated SAVERS Subscribers every month!  These are homeowners who have projects, repairs and visions they need help with NOW, or minimally are in the planning stage for work in the near future! 

Our subscribers are actively looking for stellar help and maybe a little bit of savings where they can! 

Connect directly to them and come away with GREAT, QUALITY LEADS!

Let us connect YOU!
Get in front of motivated homeowners
Who is your audience
How are your offers promoted
Track your success
Results and support
What's the cost
Get in front of motivated homeowners

Show motivated homeowners YOU are their pick for the work they need done!

As a contractor or home service provider, you will get more leads and will get further faster when you are able to appeal directly to homeowners who are already actively looking for help. 

For example, if you're used to promoting your services to random households in the hopes they will need your services, here is a better alternative!  As you may know, with bulk mailings, you typically have to mail to more people to get a few responses.  

Instead, why not go straight to people who are already looking for your help?!  This way, you need to be in front of less people to ultimately get more jobs!  Our SAVERS Program thinks QUALITY first! YOU do better that way! 

The Service Guide can help you achieve exactly this when you promote your services to our loyal homeowner community!

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Who is your audience
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Who is your audience? 

The Service Guide provides a ready-made audience for contractors and home improvement service professionals.  Our customer community consists of homeowners who have projects, repairs, and visions they need help with and who have voluntarily subscribed to our SAVERS subscription.  Most of them have work they need done right NOW or minimally are planning for the near future!

SAVERS Subscribers are looking to achieve two things.  One is to find stellar help they can count on to work with them on their projects.  Two is to save something on their work, if they can. 

Providing our SAVERS Program has been a positive connector for both homeowners just like these and  contractors who are looking for QUALITY leads.  Who will YOUR next customer be?

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How are your offers promoted
Man checking his email
Couple accessing their email
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Your offers are delivered directly to our SAVERS subscribers

​All of our SAVERS offers are delivered directly to our SAVERS subscribers via email twelve times per year. 

Our SAVERS subscribers are used to watching their inboxes and expect to be on the receiving end of great savings opportunities they only get with The Service Guide!

When a SAVERS subscriber discovers an offer they want, they are asked to download it.  We are able to keep track of these downloads which helps us provide tracking data for you.

As an extra incentive to contact your company, an email is also generated and sent to each subscriber after they have downloaded your offer.  The email reiterates your offer and it's terms.  It also provides them with ways to contact you to schedule an estimate or service work.

We have found for those subscribers who may not contact the respective business immediately, that receiving this reminder in their inbox has generated actions and produced new customers within a short 24 to 48 hour window of receipt of the email.  Nothing like a little nudge!

In addition, unlike coupons homeowners may receive in the mail, when a SAVERS subscriber downloads their offer, there is a section on the page they receive that asks if we can save them some time and have you (the business who is providing the offer) contact them.  Some homeowners will opt for that, glad to save some time, and will wait for your call!  When a subscriber opts for this, you receive their information to your email real time so you can get back to them asap!  Those subscribers will be eager and excited for your calls.

** For additional exposure to your special offer(s), you can also opt to have your offer in a rotation delivered to local homeowners who have provided a Customer Review for one of our local businesses.  Learn more.

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​You can also choose another bonus way to generate new business with your offer(s)

For a small additional cost, your offers can also be delivered to a bonus community of active, qualified homeowners!

Every time The Service Guide receives a new Review for one of our clients, as part of our process, the Reviewer automatically receives a small sample collection of local special offers as our way of saying THANK YOU

This can grow into a significant opportunity for you because of the type of people in this group.

Business owner thinking about this opportunity and acknowledging he totally get this!

Who are the homeowners in this bonus community?

Our Reviewers are all people who live in metro areas across the U.S.**  Our Reviewers  are also do-ers. They are spending money taking care of their homes and vehicles.

They are busy people who value quality and trust in the businesses they enlist to help them check off the items on their to-do lists.

Plus, they have proven they can be
Reviewers for businesses they hire!

** You can check with us for more information about your specific area. 

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​SAVERS subscribers choose and then download offers they want

Simple flow for visitors to choose and receive the offers they want

Track your success

How can you track your success? 

No doubt, knowing that your initiatives are working for you is important.  It's important to us, as well.  We are able to monitor the downloads of your offers and provide you with that information.

In the field, you will also be able to physically note when a customer is contacting you with your offer. 

Another advantage of being able to monitor your offer's downloads, is that if we detect a lower download volume, it enables us to make adjustments to your offers to help make them perform better for you.

When you promote your services to our homeowner community, we view it as a "community effort" to get the two of you connected.  Not to sound cheesy, but the harmony this approach creates is what makes this process work great for everyone! 

We have been connecting homeowners and home improvement service professionals to each other since 2004!  Still, twenty years later, as is the goal, every time a connection is made, we know a new customer relationship is in the works!

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Results and support

What kind of results can you expect?

Results are the reason you are marketing your services so they need to produce value for you, or what is the point?

To begin with, consider yourself automatically in a stronger position promoting your services to homeowners who are actively looking for help.  These customers are pre-qualified for you versus appealing to random addresses in the hopes they will need you.

We've taken the wonder out of the equation!

This strategy helps you experience the difference between quality and quantity; confirming the reality that a smaller number of qualified leads will generate a greater number of converted customers for you than a larger number of random, unqualified prospects does.

Statistics confirm that once a customer has chosen to redeem an offer or a coupon, converting them as a customer is a natural next step.

Contractors can connect with pre-qualified homeowners with their special offers

What kind of support can you expect?

Hopefully you anticipated this answer!  You can expect awesome support whenever you need it.

A designated team member will work with you to create and generate your savings offers.  Your team member will stay assigned to you and will be the one that watches over your downloads for you.

You will easily be able to contact your team member by phone or email for support whenever you need it.

Because your success rides on our efforts too, you can count on us to be "on it" for you throughout your savings campaigns.

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What's the cost
This family has lots to be happy about!

Are you ready to start making more things happen for you?!

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You might be really happy about the cost for this opportunity!

If you have been comparing costs for other services or opportunities to promote your services, you will have a good idea of what you COULD be paying.

Other coupon services will charge you an average of 4 cents per random household to send out your offers on a one-time basis, and in some cases, to a limited geographic area.  If you've done this, you know what your individual cost per customer was.  Compare to only having to pay under 1 cent per motivated, pre-qualified household! 

Costs you less than 25%!  Gets you in front of households that are over 80% better qualified! 

Your cost includes a modest, one-time creation / 

set up fee plus a monthly charge calculated based on current subscribers and how many times your offers will be in front of them.  You can opt to pay monthly or annually.  Paying annually will give you a slightly lower rate.  Once you sign up, your rate is good for the duration of your agreement, even when the subscriber numbers increase.

** If you opt for the bonus opportunity and want to add your offer to our community of "Reviewing" homeowners, the additional cost to you would be only $5.00 per offer per month.

Let us know you are interested in learning more about how you can get started making more things happen for you!  Let's have a no-obligation conversation to help you determine if this opportunity is a good fit for you!



Do contractors have to purchase individual leads in this program?

No. Individual leads are NOT sold to contractors. This is NOT a pay per lead service.  Service Providers pay a pre-determined monthly (or annual) fee based on subscriber base numbers and how many times their offers will be in front of our subscribers. The goal is to achieve as high of lead volume as possible.  We do not limit the leads.  In fact, the more, the merrier!  This approach provides our contractors with the least stress and the greatest value. 

To answer another probably anticipated question, because leads are NOT sold, they are also NOT sold to multiple contractors at once.  Instead, homeowners select individual savings offers they want to redeem and download those offers on their own.  Typically contacting the business to schedule service or an estimate follows shortly thereafter by the homeowner.


Can customers schedule service with a Service Provider through The Service Guide?

No. We do not have a feature to accommodate scheduling.  Instead, we have not invested in that technology, so that we can keep our costs to the contractors / service providers as low as possible.  Customers will contact businesses they want to save with, PLUS, when they select a particular savings, there is an option on the web page they receive where we ask if we can save them some time and have the business contact them.  Some customers will choose this option.  When they do, the business is notified real time with the request so they can respond asap. This delivers a high quality lead straight to the business, and only that business.


Do customers pay the Service Providers through The Service Guide?

No.  We do not get involved in collecting payments for our Service Providers from our subscribers.  We stay out of the way of getting involved in any of the financials.  When a homeowner makes a decision to hire a Service Provider, they will make payments directly to the business based on the agreements they make between the two of them.


Does The Service Guide receive any of the profit from the jobs generated for the Service Providers?

None, whatsoever!  To us, that feels like double dipping!  We receive an annual or a monthly payment from the Service Providers to present their offers to our subscribers during a 12-month period.  All the leads that are generated during that time are the point of promoting those offers! 


Can a Service Provider receive REVIEWS from the subscribers who hire them?

Of course!  Two ways!  Service Providers are encouraged to ask any customers of theirs to provide Reviews for them wherever they receive Reviews.  Some of the businesses in our Service Provider Network enlist The Service Guide's Review Service to help them collect Reviews from their customers.  As part of the SAVERS Program, The Service Guide will reach out to our subscribers who have downloaded savings offers a short time afterwards to ask if they have hired the business, and if so, if they would like to provide a Review for them.  Those businesses who utilize our Review Service will automatically see those Reviews on their Reviews Page when they are submitted.  Businesses who may not be enlisting our Review Service will always have the option of doing so! We will hold their Reviews in safe keeping in case they decide to enlist us!


Can a Service Provider provide more than one offer?  How does that work?

Of course!  Many companies provide multiple services, so offering multiple savings offers might make a great deal of sense!  Each offer is treated as a single entity and charged accordingly.  However, there is a small break to help accommodate multiple offers from the same company.  The set up fees are reduced for the second + offers.  There is a 10% reduction in the annual or monthly fees for each subsequent offer after the first.  

Additionally, SAVERS offers are not limited to being distributed to certain cities or suburbs.  There are no limits on how many cities or suburbs our SAVERS offers can go out to.  They are all distributed throughout our network geographic areas, usually covering a large area and many cities and suburbs.

Businesses can also achieve additional price reductions if they purchase other services from The Service Guide.  They may benefit from our Bundle Pricing and / or our Loyalty Discounts.  Service Providers can ask about these price breaks.

Will the Service Providers have to compete with other Service Providers for leads?

Service Providers will not have to compete for work with other businesses unless the homeowner chooses to download another savings opportunity from another competing business.  From time to time, customers may decide to get multiple quotes from you and another company.  We imagine you understand that makes sense for some people in certain circumstances.

It's also merit worthy to note here, as well, that part of the benefit service providers receive when they participate in SAVERS, is that service categories are monitored for their activity.  In most cases, SAVERS assigns home service providers EXCLUSIVE space in our campaigns.  EXCLUSIVE SPACE means there

is a limited number of spaces in certain service categories. This helps the generated leads in those categories to abundantly be delivered to the service providers in those categories versus being spread thin amongst a larger group.

So, for interested service professionals, inquiring about availability in your service categories is advised sooner than later to help you ensure you are able to provide your offer(s) to our SAVERS subscribers.  There are waiting lists in a few categories.


Are the Service Providers who participate in SAVERS vetted in any way as an assurance for the users / subscribers who will hire them?

Yes!  All Service Providers who participate in this program are vetted by our team.  This is an important element in the success of this program.  Our vetting process helps us maintain our high level of integrity, competence and excellence our subscribers come to us for.  Before any service provider can become part of SAVERS, they provide us proof of all required licenses and insurance.  They also need to maintain current excellent ratings from reviews submitted by their customers. 

Additionally, businesses in our Network work towards becoming a Trust Verified business, a credential that is earned after taking coursework on Consumer Trust. This step is important to our Subscribers.  It boosts credibility and builds trust with the service providers they are considering.  Most other advertising / marketing companies will promote any business that will pay for the advertising without concern over the business's quality.  SAVERS is the opposite. SAVERS is "experience" driven.  Our concerns are over the experiences of both the service providers in our Network AND the homeowners who will ultimately select them for their home projects and repairs.  We know that if those experiences are anything other than great, our program will be junk!  We are very proud of our standards and the efforts taken by us and the service providers in our Network to uphold them.  We are positive this translates to a very viable stand-out feature of SAVERS!


Are background checks done on the businesses in this program?

We do not conduct background checks because we do not feel a check like that would accurately cover all company representatives that would be associated with each business.  Running a background check on an owner does not reflect anything about other employees or team members that could be working with our subscribers. It would not be feasible to conduct background checks on all employees or team members of every business that works with SAVERS, or to keep up with their staff changes. Instead, we closely monitor recent customer reviews from a variety of reliable review sources.  These will help reveal patterns or red flags about the company as a whole. 


Is there any order that Service Provider savings offers are presented in to the subscribers?

Yes and no!  Since the offers are presented to our subscribers multiple times during the year, we make a point to mix the offers around, so that no one offer is always at the end.  We try to make sure all offers are presented equally. 


Can a Service Provider change their offer if they want to during their campaign?

Yes.  One of the great perks of digital advertising is the ability to edit!  Each Service Provider will be assigned one of our specialists to watch over their campaign.  One of the things they will be monitoring is the download volume of the offer(s).  If, for some reason, an offer is not performing as was hoped, we can make adjustments to help improve its performance.  We allow for one change at no charge during the campaign.  Hopefully, if needed, that will do the trick.  If, for some reason, another adjustment would be requested, it would be charged a creation / set up fee to make the changes.


Can a Service Provider cancel their campaign?

When a Service Provider signs on to to be a SAVERS Service Provider, they sign an agreement for either an annual fee which covers them for one year; or they sign an agreement to pay monthly with either a 6, 8, 12 or a 24 month agreement.  At the end of those terms, they can decide to stop or to renew another agreement term.

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