Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

Home Improvement Professionals:

Discover our current rates for you to become part of The Service Guide's SAVERS Program!

Remember, our SAVERS Subscribers ALREADY have projects, repairs and visions they need help with! All they need now is awesome help and maybe a little bit of savings where they can!
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To get the best value for your money....

It's always a good time to become part of our SAVERS Program!  We know that every business will come to the table with their own set of needs and timing.  To accommodate whatever it is your business needs, you set your own parameters and your own timing for your offers.

Businesses can choose annual agreements, six or eight month agreements, or monthly agreements.  This is helpful to businesses who may operate seasonally during the year.  Only pay for time frames where your business is looking for quality and qualified customers.

Businesses also always have the option of paying up front and in full for their campaigns.  Paying this way will provide you with additional savings in YOUR pockets.

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Our current rates reflect our current subscriber base plus the number of times your offer(s) will be in front of them over a 12-month span

First, for all SAVERS Service Professionals your cost includes a modest, one-time

creation / set up fee plus a charge calculated based on current subscribers and numbers of times they will see your offer(s). You can opt to pay monthly or annually.  Paying annually will give you a slightly lower rate.  Once you sign up, your rate is good for the duration of your agreement, even when the subscriber numbers increase.

Our current rates are constantly changing and are
dependent on subscriber numbers.





* CONTACT US to help create the right program for YOU!

Let us know you are interested in learning more about how you can get started making more things happen for you!  Let's have a no-obligation conversation to help you determine if this opportunity is a good fit for you!

Or, if you think you are ready to sign up now, you can do that, too, of course!