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How do I know whether or not I need insulation?

If you are experiencing ice dams, icicles, roof "hot spots," drafty walls, high heating or cooling bills, moisture in your attic, or if your furnace or air conditioning unit is running constantly, you may well benefit by re-insulating your existing home.

Other insulation factoids:

  • The average household spends close to $1300.00 on their home's utility bills each year
  • In many cases, a large portion of that energy is wasted through poor insulation
  • A recent survey reveals that only 20% of homes built before 1980 were well insulated
  • Checking your home's insulation is one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods to reduce energy waste and to maximize your energy dollars

Insulation Checklist
You should consider insulating if you:

  • Have an older home and haven't added any insulation
  • Are colder in the winter or hotter in the summer than you think you should be
  • Have built a new house or an addition, installed new roofing or siding
  • Pay excessively high energy bills
  • Are aware of and bothered by outdoor noise - insulation helps to muffle sound
  • Are concerned with the effect of energy use on our environment

Which company has provided us with this information?

Houle Insulation, Inc. - For more than 35 years, Houle Insulation, Inc.'s specialty has been re-insulating existing homes.

Houle Insulation, Inc.

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