Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home
Your Personal Home Manual ~ Connect To Expertise And Answers To Everything Home

The contractors and service providers in our network have to meet a set of quality criteria
This helps us maintain our high level of integrity, competence, and expertise for YOU

Our vetting process is important because it helps us uphold the excellence our community of homeowners and consumers come to us for!

Before any service provider can become part of The Service Guide's network, they need to:

  • Provide proof of all required licenses and insurance
  • Maintain a current Excellent Rating from Reviews submitted by their customers
  •  Have worked to become a Trust Verified business, a credential that is earned after taking coursework on Consumer Trust
  • For those Service Providers that it applies to, we check for any Enforcement Actions with their State's Department Of Labor and Industry
  • Have a positive rating / standing with their local Better Business Bureau - Businesses do not have to be accredited.  We look at complaint history and resolution patterns.

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Does The Service Guide endorse the businesses in our network?

No.  We do not endorse any of the businesses.  However, we work hard to filter specific quality criteria with each individual business before we add them to our network.  Additionally, we monitor their reviews and ensure their required licenses and insurances are kept up-to-date.

The Service Guide has been dedicated to helping facilitate valuable connections between homeowners and home improvement businesses since 2004.  For twenty years, both sides of these connections have relied on us to bring the best of the best together!  We work hard to do that right each and every time!

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